Def vagabond bot


Class: Light robot specialized in electronic warfare

Faction: Nuimqol Union

It is said that the glorious freedom war of Nuimqol was triggered off by a handful wise Vagabonds, former strategists of the Pelistal army. Vagabonds are honored commanders who have applied a unique appearance along with specialized electronics and joined the freedom militia. They are all willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater purpose without hesitation.

Pilot Pre-RequisitesEdit

Catagory Extension Level
Robot Control Advanced Robotics 3
Robot Control Basic Robotics 4
Robot Control Nuimqol Robot Control 7
Robot Control Spec. Ops. Robot Control 3

Robot BonusesEdit

Effect Bonus
ECM Strength 5%
ECM Accumulator Usage 5%
Sensor Suppressor Accumulator Usage 5%
Demobilizer Accumulator Usage 5%
Armor Repair Amount 5%

Robot StatsEdit


Accumulator Capacity: 2400 AP
Accumulator Recharge Time: 360 sec
CPU Performance: 450 TF
Reactor Performance: 600 RP


Armor: 1250 HP
Chemical Resistance: 30 Points
Kinetic Resistance: 45 Points
Seismic Resistance: 150 Points
Thermal Resistance: 10 Points

Targeting EquipmentEdit

Locking Range: 350 M
Locking Time: 12.50 Sec
Maximum Targets: 7 Pcs
Missile Guidance failure: 10%
Sensor Strength: 125Hw³


Misc: 2
Head: 5
Industrial: 0
Legs: 3
Missile: 0
Turret: 3


Ammunition reload time: 10 Sec
Cargo Capacity: 7.50 U
Mass: 15350.00 Kg
Slope capability: 45º
Surface Hit size: 7m
Top Speed: 46.80 Kph
Volume: 16.00 U