Proximity I Info
Quick Facts
Proximity I
Level: 0
Contractor: UASD
Type: Destroy & recover
Island: New Virginia
Start: Truhold-Markson Terminal
Delivery Point: New Virginia

Assignment:Proximity IEdit

Travel to location near TMA Terminal and kill 4 drones, pick up console and drop it off nearby


  • Reach position: location A
  • Destroy 4 'Pelistal Drone' (0/4): Location B
  • Destroy robots within marked area and acquire 1 Pelistal console [Proximity I] from their cargo: Location C
  • Submit item: Pelistal console [Proximity I]): Location D


14k NIC
UASD (United American Strategic Department) Faction will increase


Now that you have access to the combat assignments of Operation Proximity, it is a great opportunity for you to prove your skills. Avoid mistakes, and you might get access to assignments at higher levels.

This one is a test of your courage, wether you're capable to take one's life and belongings as your contractor asks you to do. Try not to worry about that, you're killing aliens after all. Get to work, Agent!

Oh and one more thing: when you're done with the killing, get the consoles you find there.


  1. Receive assignment at the Truhold-Markson Alpha Terminal
  2. Exit terminal and move to the designated location A. This is north of the terminal. The assignment will update with location B
  3. Move to location B right by area A and find the pelistal drones. Destroy 4 drones and the assignment will update
  4. Fetch a console form one of the containers that drop form your kills. The assignment will update with location D
  5. Travel to location D East of your 'killing zone' and submit the collected console. The assignment will complete once you submit it.
Proximity I Map


  • Easy assignment for anyone; even us logistics carebears.
  • Definite starter assignment.
  • can be done in coordination with other assignmetns in the area to maximize your NIC/hr