Proximity III Info
Quick Facts
Proximity III
Level: 0
Contractor: UASD
Type: Destroy & recoverm
Island: New Virginia
Start: Truhold-Markson Terminal
Delivery Point: New Virginia

Assignment:Proximity IIIEdit

Travel east from TMA Terminal and use a artifcat scanner and kill 2 NPCs


  • Search for artifacts with artifact scanner charges in the marked area: location A
  • Destroy 2 'Exile Grunt': Location B
  • Take 1 Command log [Proximity III] from the discovered container: Location C
  • Submit item: Command log [Proximity III]: Location D


17k NIC
UASD (United American Strategic Department) Faction will increase


Now that you have access to the combat assignments of Operation Proximity, it is a great opportunity for you to prove your skills. Avoid mistakes, and you might get access to assignments at higher levels.

The console we're looking for belongs to an unrevealed robot, we only know his approximate location. Equip a geoscanner onto your robot, and buy some additional artifact scanner charges, and investigate the area we've marked on the map.In case you find him, kill him and take his console!


  1. Receive assignment at the Truhold-Markson Alpha Terminal
  2. Exit terminal and move to the designated location A. This is east of the terminal (make sure you have a geoscanner, charges, weapons and ammo before you leave)
  3. Scan area A until you find the artifact location. When you find the artifact, 2 Exile Grunts will spawn and the assignment will update
  4. Destroy both NPCs and the assignment will update
  5. Get the Command log out of the container and the assignment will update
  6. Move to location D and interact with the console to complete the assignment
Proximity III Map


  • Easy assignment for anyone; even us logistics carebears.
  • Definite starter assignment.
  • Don't forget your geoscanner, charges, and enough weapons and ammo to kill your foes.
  • Don't forget to stay in the red circle while fighting (even when the artifact is right on the edge of it) or one or both of your kills won't count and the assignment will be stuck unable to be completed.