Obelisk XII Info
Quick Facts
Obelisk XII
Level: 3
Contractor: Penntyte
Type: Harvesting Plants
Island: New Virginia
Start: Cadavria Outpost
Delivery Point: Cadavria Outpost

Assignment:Obelisk XIIEdit

Harvest 25 Vespersit (from Helioptris)


  • A Harvest 25 Vespersit
  • B Deliver 25 Vespersit to the marked terminal (0/25)


350k NIC
Truhold-Markson Token (22)
Penntyte Faction will increase


Munitions expenditures are sharply up this month as a result of the defense effort in this area. While we weren't anticipating such a drawdown on our vespersit stocks, there are ample amounts of Triandlus growing around here to compensate for it. Head out and start bringing in the indicated amount so we can get our stores back to optimal levels.

To find vespersit, you need to harvest common triandus. Obviously, the more triandus you harvest, the more likely you will stumble upon vespersit. If you manage to aquire the specified amount of vespersit we need for our research, deliver it. All the common minerals (here, triandus) you mine in that time is yours.


  1. Receve assignment at the Cadavria Outpost
  2. Harvest triandusuntil you receive 25 vespersit.
  3. Return to Cadavria Outpost and deliver the item to complete the assignment
Obelisk XII Map


  • Good money maker if you are already harvesting
  • Good to combine with the other Cadavria assignments