Latifundium IV Info
Quick Facts
Latifundium IV
Level: 1
Contractor: Penntyte
Type: Production
Island: New Virginia
Start: Truhold-Markson Terminal
Delivery Point: Truhold-Markson Terminal

Assignment:Latifundium IVEdit

Produce a TRS-Modulator unit


  • A Fetch Item (Modulator casing [Latifundium IV/1])
  • B Fetch Item (Modulator casing [Latifundium IV/2])
  • C Mass produce 1 TRS-Modulator [Latifundium IV] in a factory
  • D Deliver 1 TRS-Modulator [Latifundium IV] to the marked terminal
  • E Extract 1 TRS-Modulator [Latifundium IV] from the factory and deliver it to the issuer


47k NIC
Truhold-Markson token (4)
Penntyte Faction will increase


We would like to upgrade our current communication system, but we need additional devices to do that. The technology used by the aliens might be useful, so we want you to get to the places we have marked on your map and fetch 2 components. Be prepared for enemy activities.

When you have the components, add the enclosed calibration template to one of the factory's empty calibration lines. After this, move two components from your cargo hold to your private storage, as facilites can reach components that are located in your private storage. After you're done with the manufactoring of the item, deliver it to complete the assignment.


  1. Receive assignment at the Truhold-Markson Terminal
  2. Exit terminal and travel to location A to interface with the console at that location for the item.
  3. Travel to location B to interface with the console at that location for the item.
  4. Return to Truhold-Markson Terminal and put the received assignment CT into the factory
  5. Once the factory production time is over, extract the CT and deliver the item at the terminal to complete the assignment

Latifundium IV Map