Latifundium II Info
Quick Facts
Latifundium II
Level: 1
Contractor: Penntyte
Type: Mineral exploration
Island: New Virginia
Start: Truhold-Markson Terminal
Delivery Point: Truhold-Markson Terminal

Assignment:Latifundium IIEdit

Mine 5 Allacrit (from HDT)


  • A Mine 5 Allacrit
  • B Deliver 5 Allacrit to the marked terminal (0/5)


55k NIC
Truhold-Markson token (4)
Penntyte Faction will increase


While mining common minerals, you may occasionally find rare variants. The Syndicate has recently begun research to find the best ways to utilize these new minerals.

To find allacrit, you need to mine common HDT. Obviously, the more HDT you mine, the more likely you will stumble upon allacrit. If you manage to aquire the specified amount of allacrit we need for our research, deliver it. All the common minerals (here, HDT) you mine in that time is yours.


  1. Receve assignment at the Truhold-Markson Terminal
  2. Mine HDT until you have 5 allacrit.
  3. Return to Truhold-Markson Terminal and deliver the item to complete the assignment


  • Good money maker if you are already mining
  • Good to combine with the other mining assignments