Def gropho bot


Class: Heavy mech specialized in missiles

Faction: Pelistal Empire

These noble lords of Pelistal are the ultimate warriors of ballistic warfare. Their arrogance and penchant to senseless ferocity is feared by many. Despite their reckless and often mindless attitude, a killed Gropho is quite a valuable trophy.

Pilot Pre-RequisitesEdit

Catagory Extension Level
Robot Control Pelistal Robot Control 8
Robot Control Advanced robotics 4
Robot Control Basic Robotics 4

Robot BonusesEdit

Effect Bonus
Locking time 5%
Medium Missile Damage 5%
Shield Absoption 5%

Robot StatsEdit


Accumulator Capacity: 3250 AP
Accumulator Recharge Time: 720 sec
CPU Performance: 360 TF
Reactor Performance: 1025 RP


Armor: 2850 HP
Chemical Resistance: 30 Points
Kinetic Resistance: 10 Points
Seismic Resistance: 45 Points
Thermal Resistance: 150 Points

Targeting EquipmentEdit

Locking Range: 240 M
Locking Time: 12.50 Sec
Maximum Targets: 6 Pcs
Missile Guidance failure: 10%
Sensor Strength: 85Hw³


Misc: 5
Head: 5
Industrial: 2
Legs: 4
Missile: 6
Turret: 0


Ammunition reload time: 10 Sec
Cargo Capacity: 12.00 U
Mass: 31650.00 Kg
Slope capability: 45º
Surface Hit size: 10m
Top Speed: 40 Kph
Volume: 22.50 U