Foxtrott V Info
Quick Facts
Foxtrott V
Level: 2
Contractor: C&M Communications
Type: Transportation
Island: New Virginia
Start: Cadavria Outpost
Delivery Point: Cadavria Outpost

Assignment:Foxtrott VEdit

Transport Items from Cadavria Outpost to area SW of Outpost and return


  • A Reach Position
  • B Use the designated interface
  • C Fetch the container (Damaged memory rods [Foxtrott V])
  • D Deliver 1 Damaged memory rods [Foxtrott V] to the marked terminal


38k NIC
Truhold-Markson Token (3)
C&M Communications Faction will increase


Operation Techolique relies heavily on fast and efficient logistics. Consequenctly, Operation Foxtrott offers job opportunites for experianced logisitcs workers such as yourself.

We need you to take care of something. For whatever reason, we can't ping the memory rods on several commercial comlink towers. That means important information can't be synchronized, and we're being forced to use a much more vulnerable alternative. We need this comlink restored as soon as possible - bring back the damaged memory rods so we can figure out what's going on.


  1. Receve assignment at the Cadavria Outpost
  2. Proceed to Area A; assignment will update
  3. Proceed to location B and use the interface
  4. Fetch the container from location C
  5. Return to Cadavria Outpost and deliver the item to complete the assignment

Foxtrott V map


  • Medium difficulty, can be solod easily with a shielded transporter
  • Good to combine with the other Cadavria assignments

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