Foxtrott II info
Quick Facts
Foxtrott II
Level: 2
Contractor: C&M Communications
Type: Transportation
Island: New Virginia
Start: TMA Terminal
Delivery Point: TMA Terminal

Assignment:Foxtrott IIEdit

Transport Items from TMA Terminal to area W of terminal


  • Submit Item: Revised Database(Foxtrott II/2)
  • Submit Item: Emergency Accumulator(Foxtrott II/1)


27k NIC
Truhold-Markson Token (2)
C&M Communications Faction will increase


Operation Techolique relies heavily on fast and efficient logistics. Consequenctly, Operation Foxtrott offers job opportunites for experienced logisitcs workers such as yourself.

As you're aware, Nian espionge is on the rise lately, and their sabatoge has been causing...difficulties. We're upgrading and reinforcing some of our comlink towers in resposne - we need you to install a new emergency accumulator, and replace the current database with a new one.


  1. Receve assignment at the Truhold-Markson Alpha Terminal
  2. both enclosed items into your cargo hold (don't forget this step)
  3. Exit terminal and move to the designated locations
  4. At locations a-b, interact with the portals. NOTE: these can be done in any order
  5. Assignment will complete immediately after the 2nd item is submitted
Foxtrott II map


  • Easy assignment for Logi folks. 2 level 1 NPCs at each of the submittal locations
  • Good to combine with the other transport assignments in the area (Foxtrott I and Lumina I)