Belvedere I Info
Quick Facts
Belvedere I
Level: 0
Contractor: C&M Communications
Type: Transportation
Island: New Virginia
Start: Truhold-Markson Terminal
Delivery Point: New Virginia

Assignment:Belvedere IEdit

Travel to several location near TMA Terminal


  • Reach position: location A
  • Use designated interface: Location B
  • Fetch the contianer (Scout reports [Belvedere I]): Location C
  • Reach position: Location D
  • Submit item: Scout reports [Belvedere I]): Location E


13k NIC
C&M Communications Faction will increase


Operation Belvedere is an excellent opportunity for us, suppliers to shine. Although we don't carry guns, or create remarkable devices, but the Perpetuum Project would collapse without our contributions. Consider this one as a test of your adherence. The package you need to carry holds the daily reports of a scout satellite. Travel to our receiver unit, remove the casket that holds the encrypted data, and bring it to oneof our postal units. Do you job and you get paid.


  1. Receve assignment at the Truhold-Markson Alpha Terminal
  2. Exit terminal and move to the designated location A. This is north of the terminal. The assignment will update with location B
  3. Move to location B west of area A and use the interface. The assignment will update with location C
  4. Move to location C (right near B) and fetch the container. The assignment will update with location D
  5. Travel to location D East of TMA termiinal and the assignment will update with location E
  6. Move to location E (just a short distance from D and turn in the item to complete the assignment

Belvedere I Map


  • Easy assignment for anyone. no NPCs, no large cargo space needed.

Definite starter assignment.