Belvedere II Info
Quick Facts
Belvedere II
Level: 0
Contractor: C&M Communications
Type: Retrieval
Island: New Virginia
Start: Truhold-Markson Terminal
Delivery Point: New Virginia

Assignment:Belvedere IIEdit

Travel to several location near TMA Terminal


  • Reach position: location A
  • Use designated interface: Location B
  • Search for artifacts with artifact scanner charges in the marked area: Location C
  • Take 1 spy reports [Belvedere II] from the discovered container: Location D
  • Deliver 1 Spy reports [Belvedere II]) to the marked terminal: Location E


8k NIC
C&M Communications Faction will increase


Operation Belvedere is an excellent opportunity for us, suppliers to shine. Although we don't carry guns, or create remarkable devices, but the Perpetuum Project would collapse without our contributions. Plase find and scan a possible intruder for us. First, you'll have to fetch the scanner paramters by using the interface to know what you're looking for. After you're done it, you will be able to find the spy with your equipped geoscanner and artifact scanner charges. If you find the spy squad, eliminate them and bring back everything you find.


  1. Receve assignment at the Truhold-Markson Alpha Terminal
  2. Exit terminal and move to the designated location A. This is north of the terminal. The assignment will update with location B
  3. Move to location B NW of area A and use the interface. The assignment will update with location C (which needs to be scanned)
  4. scan the location within area C using artifact scan charges.
  5. Once you find the artifact location, take the item from the container and the assignment will update with the last step
  6. Deliver the spy reports to TMA terminal. The assignment will complete when you deliver this item

Belvedere II Map


  • Map above is NOT north oriented, be aware
  • Easy assignment for anyone. no large cargo space needed. Definite starter assignment.
  • 2 Arke NCPs will spawn from the artifact spot, no need to kill these, but they are easy if you want to.
  • (Hint: the location of the artifact is at the bottom of the mountain of where location C is). Near 1175, 700