Amerigo II Info
Quick Facts
Amerigo II
Level: 1
Contractor: C&M Communications
Type: Transportation
Island: New Virginia
Start: TMA Terminal
Delivery Point: TMA Terminal

Assignment:Amerigo IIEdit

Travel to several location near TMA Terminal


  • Reach position: Location A
  • Use designated interface: Location B
  • Fetch the contianer (SynSec container [Amerigo II]): Location C
  • Deliver 1 SynSec container [Amerigo II]) to the marked terminal: Location D


23k NIC
Truhold-Markson token (2)
C&M Communications Faction will increase


Not long ago we lost contact with one of our transmitter stations, risking many terabytes of satellite reconnaissance data. The most likely presumption is that alien forces are blocking the communication between HQ and that station.

Your first task will be to override the system manually using the interface. When you're done with that, access the station's database and grab the memory storage. Oh, and one other thing - the aliens might still be there. you don't need to destroy them; we're just after the dta. Hurry up!


  1. Receve assignment at the Truhold-Markson Alpha Terminal
  2. Exit terminal and move to the designated location A. This is west of the terminal. The assignment will update with location B
  3. Move to location B west of area A and use the interface. The assignment will update with location C
  4. Move to location C (right near B) and fetch the container. The assignment will update with location D
  5. Travel to location D (TMA terminal) and enter the terminal
  6. Inside the terminal, deliver the container and the assignment will complete
Amerigo II Map


  • Easy assignment for anyone. 2 Servant grunts and 1 Servant Maruader at locations B/C. either kill them, tank them or dodge them around the buildings.